As Long as the World Goes On: The Land and People of Southwest Oregon

As Long as the World Goes On explores the geography of southwestern Oregon, the Native cultures of the region, the history of Euro-American contact and settlement, important regional themes, including mining, agriculture, logging, community growth, and the environment. This narrative reviews significant and often contentious political issues and examines the region’s growing interest in recreation, the arts, and heritage tourism. For centuries, the southwest Oregon landscape has shaped human life by sheltering its people and providing natural resources to support life. Historian Kay Atwood (1943-2014), author of Illahe: The Story of Settlement in the Rogue River Canyon, Mill Creek Journal, and Chaining Oregon: Surveying the Public Lands of the Pacific Northwest, 1851-1855, lived in Ashland. Archaeologist Dennis Gray, the owner of Cascade Research, specializes in the study of Native American groups in the Upper Rogue River. He wrote his graduate thesis on the ethnography of Native American groups in the upper Rogue River region and has completed many cultural resource projects in southwestern Oregon.